At the League we value extraordinary partnerships


Direct Engagement
• Product in our famous gift bags which are given to our 800 attendees
(No Paper Policy - if an offer will be sent on our online offering post conference)
• Dedicated Trade Stand in the foyer of the conference providing
one on one engagement with guests

Previous Run The World Event in Brisbane


• Your logo featured on the sponsorship page acknowledging sponsorship and linking through to your company website
• Your company “tagged” in social media announcements of the sponsorship along with logo utilised to our 35,550 strong online community as specified below:
                 - Facebook Announcement
                 - Instagram Announcement
                 - Twitter Announcements


Event Activities
• Your logo featured on a slide on the day of the event,
thanking you for your support
• Your logo featured on the conference printed program
and media wall


Lead Generation
• Logo inclusion and promotion in multiple EDMs to the Run the World
and League of Extraordinary Women databases
• Opportunity to offer a competition on trade stand to attendees on the day
• One complimentary tickets for company VIP’s to attend the conference

Brand Awareness
• Opportunity to offer a prize to be announced on stage with promotion on website,
EDM campaign, social media announcement and slide on screen on the day
• Significantly increase of brand awareness for your company to a potentially untapped
audience for female entrepreneurs, along with the high profile speakers and their businesses
• Increase in your reputation through publicly supporting the rise of young female entrepreneurs with Australia
• Enjoy increased brand loyalty and popularity within female entrepreneur market

In-kind sponsorship for furniture, stage props and styling.