Run the World Female Entrepreneur Conference 2014

Melbourne October 25 


Who we are.

A small group of highly successful female entrepreneurs based in Melbourne who, in late 2011, began a movement, with the purpose to connect the extraordinary female entrepreneurs of the world.

In less than 2 years the League of Extraordinary Women has experienced phenomenal organic growth and has launched in 8 cities across Australia with plans to expand into the US and UK markets in April 2014. 

Female entrepreneurs are returning in droves to the League events, particularly the breakfasts which are held on a monthly basis and which feature powerful inspiration through the showcasing of successful female entrepreneurs who share their stories of hard work, perseverance and success!

We pay tribute to every guest, speaker, sponsor, member and partner who has shared the journey with us. Because of you, the League is providing a powerfully influential community of women, globally, who are passionate and motivated entrepreneurs, who are inspiring each other to succeed while also participating fully in entrepreneurial communities world-wide. .

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To connect the extraordinary female entrepreneurs of the world.


To provide a powerfully influential community for women, globally, who are passionate and motivated entrepreneurs, who are inspiring each other to succeed while also participating fully in entrepreneurial communities world-wide.


Inspire, Passion, Community, Entrepreneurial drive, Thinking BIG and Differently, Integrity

What success means to us.

That we are recognised as the most influential movement for female entrepreneurs globally and through our community, we have forever altered the way women participate in entrepreneurial endeavors around the world, which has a direct economic benefit on every community we are involved with on a global basis. 

The Conference

Run The World Female Entrepreneur One Day Conference

The League of Extraordinary Women recently hosted the FIRST one-day all female entrepreneur conference ever held in Australia. This exciting event showcased 10 outstanding female entrepreneurs who spoke on a range of different business topics and their entrepreneurial experiences to inspire and empower the audience of over 350 females.

The theme ‘Run the World’ was designed to empower, captivate and appeal to young females who are considering taking the leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. It provides them with an insight into what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how to get started and what challenges they will face.

The mission of the ‘Run the World’ Female Entrepreneur Conference was to:     

  • Showcase the outstanding achievements of 10 incredible Australian and New Zealand female entrepreneurs

  • To inspire and empower attendees to follow their dreams and aspirations through the experience and knowledge shared by the high profile guest speakers

  • Encourage young females to connect with each other at the event

  • To hold the largest and most monumental female entrepreneur event in the history of Australia with a view to recreating it each year to further inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs

Share your story

We recognise you as an extraordinary woman who has a story of entrepreneurial inspiration to share!

Ultimately, the League of Extraordinary Women isn't about any one woman individually, but about us all, as a collective of women, who can continue to pay it forward by ensuring that women in business are supported, encouraged and motivated to think BIG, to think DIFFERENTLY and to NEVER GIVE UP!!

Female entrepreneurs within our community would benefit immensely from hearing your story, so they can be inspired by your journey, the challenges you have faced and overcome, the emotional highs and low's, the success, the learnings and most importantly, what kept you going. We, as women, have a responsibility to share our success with the new generation of female entrepreneur, to keep her pushing forward through any obstacle placed in her way.

Past Run the World Speakers

Our 2013 Run the World Conference showcased ten of the most dynamic and successful female entrepreneurs in the country. Women who are paving the way, thinking BIG and differently, disrupting the industry within which they operate and changing the world with their unlimited capabilities.

Speakers included Kristina Karlsson, Founder of kikki.K, Naomi Simson, Founder of Red Balloon, 

Our Speakers.

The League of Extraordinary Women supports speakers who are succeeding through hard work, perseverance and a refusal to give up!

When considering speakers, the League looks for two things:

  • a desire to inspire and;
  • a desire to help others

It is our belief that through sharing your story of success with our community, together we can inspire female entrepreneurs to believe in their dreams, follow their hearts, think outside the square and do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality. Together we can change the world!

Conference details

Location: Melbourne

Date: October 25, 2014

The Next Step

If you would love to inspire our community of driven and dynamic female entrepreneurs over breakfast, please contact our General Manager, Chiquita Searle to discuss your availability. Chiquita can be contacted via email on or via mobile 0423 686 380.

Together, we can proactively support female entrepreneurs on a global basis, to grow bigger and better businesses.