It’s an odd feeling that you can’t shake.

I mean life is generally good, can’t complain right?

But yet there’s a thought that creeps up now and then.

“Maybe you’re meant to be doing something else with your one precious life”

Maybe that something will make you jump out of bed each day, rather than hitting that snooze button.

Maybe that something will give you those all over crown-to-toe tingles of excitement.

Maybe that something will make you feel so strongly about your mission in this world, it will drive you to not waste a moment of your precious life.

Maybe that something will allow you to truly express who you are. To break free from that “shoulds” cage society has built around you.

You know what I’m talking about - you should do this and you should do that. You should be successful.

(What the hell does successful mean anyway? 🧐)

We created this conference because at one stage of our lives, we were stuck. We desperately needed inspiration. We needed to hear from the extraordinary so that we could take their lead.

You see, doing the hard things, is necessary.

Pushing through the fear, is necessary.

Continually expanding ourselves, is necessary.

And these women on stage, sharing their stories will show us we’re not alone in pursuing what feels right for us.

So, if you feel a little stuck. Or you want to feed your curiosity of what that odd little feeling is all about.

A spark of inspiration might be just what you need.

So what’s your mission possible?