Justine Flynn is just about as passionate as they come! 

This modern day superwoman has created a socially responsible business funding life-changing projects from the sales of products you use every day.

JUSTINE FLYNN is Co-Founder and Director of Brand and People at Thankyou Group, a social enterprise that exists to fund life-changing water, food and hygiene and sanitation projects.

Thankyou Group’s products are now ranged in over 4000 outlets. To date the organisation has given over $2.2 million to projects across 14 different countries, and has funded safe water access for 132,661 people, health and hygiene training for 153,507 people and 5.2 million days’ worth of short-term food aid plus funding for long term sustainable projects.

Justine is passionate about establishing positive workplace cultures and driving effective marketing and communications activities to engage communities to contribute to social change.

"let go of your fears,
focus on your strengths and let them empower you."

In October 2014, Justine was named a finalist in the Telstra Women’s Business Awards in recognition of her efforts in establishing Thankyou Group.  

Justine’s hard work in establishing the company’s people and culture environment was recognised at the 2015 Food Magazine awards where Thankyou took home Employer of the Year.