Catherine van der Meulen is a global conscious business consultant, coach and innovator, expert brand and marketing manager, author and keynote speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and most importantly mother of two.

With a solid background in fashion growing up in the family business Australian retailer Supré, Catherine is living on her purpose of creating holistic business models underpinned by sustainable values. Her humanistic business consulting and coaching stem from her vision of enriching consumer awareness and education for making responsible choices based on socially and environmentally enduring principles. Appreciating that it is not merely measured by financial prosperity, but by balance, contentment and health in every aspect.

"Questioning the industry aligned my business to a new dimension working with the fashion industry to create more sustainable business models, by using their businesses as a force for good and to create a positive impact rather than money"

Catherine is focused on creating conscious businesses with conscious people, conscious brands, to build a conscious planet that ultimately creates conscious profit. Since embarking on the conscious business journey Catherine has studied some of the world’s most successful brands that have a soul and recognised that this is the business model of the future and is excited to share her learning on this journey with a league of extraordinary women.

Partnering with entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators, Catherine aims to advise, facilitate and empower clients to discover and implement revolutionary change within their business to achieve holistic success and growth!

"Although money and growth are important, it's the layers of impact that need to be considered more holistically to create a foundation for future generations of business leaders to walk their head held high."
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